Betfair Bookmaker review 2017

In February 2016, Betfair merged with Paddy Power and in doing so, became the largest internet betting exchange.
Betfair offers the standard markets that bettors know and love. These include: American football, Australian rules, baseball, basketball, football, golf, greyhound racing, handball, horse racing, ice hockey, MMA and snooker to name just a few.

Betfair gets a lot of praise for alternative markets that are offered as well. These can range from something in the news such as politics to more obscure events like television series. The alternative markets are a favourite of some customers, and is another reason for customer loyalty from many bettors.
Thanks to Betfair’s in-depth knowledge of the various sports leagues and competitions, you be able to find basic odds, but also other ways to bet.
Although the website has plenty of loyal customers, there are some areas that have put some off. For one, some former customers have been unhappy with the amount of personal data Betfair requires when withdrawing winnings. This has even led to some complaining about the customer service they received when attempting to get their accounts unlocked or verified.
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Betfair Bookmaker review

Great Features

The in-play feature is one that many customers love. Simple and easy to follow, in-play betting has continually updated odds that appear on your computer screen. Once the odds are refreshed, you will have plenty of opportunity to make a wager. When goals, free-kicks or any other pause occurs during an event, there is little delay in new odds or statistics being refreshed. Which is a great reason to use Betfair’s in-play system.

Great Offers

Betfair offers a relatively simple promotion of bet £10, get £30 in free bets when you register. It is not the best deal out there and some other websites can top Betfairs sign-up promotions. In fact, you may expect more from the world’s largest online betting exchange. However, being the biggest means the company doesn’t necessarily have to offer the best promotions around.


As outlined previously, the variety on Betfair, in terms of sports, is vast; and you can bet on a whole lot more than just sports. Television, politics and a host of other items can be found on the Betfair website.


If you have an account with Betfair then you have the opportunity to watch all of the streaming sports offered on the website. Unlike some other bookmakers, you do not have to have money in your account to view games. If you want to watch horse racing, you will need a minimum of £2 in your Betfair account. However, everything else will be free.

Final Verdict

Firstly, the lack of bonuses and promotions hurts Betfair, and is one of the biggest turnoffs for new customers. Secondly, asking for personal details is another area that makes customers either leave the website or not join altogether. The final problem with Betfair in 2017 is that they are more interested in bettors that do not wage large sums. If you are lucky enough to win £250,000, the bookmaker will take a 40% commission from you. That is a heavy chunk of change.
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