Betting tips Liverpool – Man United

We have a betting tips on Liverpool – Man United on December 17, 2023. The match will be played at Anfield in the Premier League round 17 and starts at 5:30pm. Here you will find the best odds, the league table with the form of the teams and expected lineups.

Betting tips Liverpool - Man United

Match facts: Liverpool – Man United
Date and game time: December 17 at 5:30 p.m
Venue: Anfield
Premier League: Round 17

Betting tips & predictions Liverpool – Man Utd 17/12 2023

Liverpool before the match

Liverpool have had a good start to the season and now they face arch-rival Man Utd, who have not had the same great start. But when it comes to matches between these teams, the table position usually has less importance. This meeting is the most important for the fans and if you win this, the happy faces will be on your face for weeks after. In recent years, Liverpool have won more games than United and this will probably be no exception. Liverpool are favorites to win but never count United out.

Man United before the match

Man Utd has not had a good start to the season and Erik ten Hag doesn’t seem to know which players to play with. They have had some concerns in the squad and now it is time to come together. An away game against Liverpool is not the easiest and we think it will be difficult to beat Liverpool in their current form. But United have risen before when everything looked hopeless. Can they do it this time too?

Betting tips: Liverpool at home are favourites and win 3-0 at home is our prediction.

Best odds Liverpool – Man United 17/12 2023

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The team’s last 5 matches + Premier League table

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Expected lineups Liverpool – Manchester United

Expected Lineup Liverpool 4-3-3:

Goalkeeper: Allison
Defenders: Alexander-Arnold, Konate, Van Dijk, Robertson
Midfield: Szobozlai, Jones, Macallister
Forwards: Diaz, Nunez, Salah

Expected Lineup Manchester United 4-5-1:

Goalkeeper: Onana
Defenders: Dalot, Martinez, Varane, Shaw
Midfield: Antony, Mount, Casemiro Fernandez, Ganacho
Forward: Rashford

Liverpool vs. Man Utd

The clash between Liverpool and Manchester United is a fixture that transcends football; it’s a historic rivalry that ignites passion and captivates millions of fans worldwide. The upcoming match between these two football giants promises a spectacle, with both teams vying for supremacy in the ever-competitive Premier League. As we eagerly anticipate the showdown, let’s delve into the history of this fierce rivalry and reminisce about some memorable encounters.

A Rivalry Steeped in History

The rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United is deeply rooted in the industrial history of England. As the cities of Liverpool and Manchester thrived during the Industrial Revolution, so did the football clubs representing them. The geographical proximity and the competitive spirit between the two cities laid the foundation for a rivalry that would endure through the decades.

Memorable Encounters

One of the standout clashes between these two football powerhouses occurred on April 4, 2009. In a game that had fans on the edge of their seats, Liverpool emerged victorious with a resounding 4-1 win. Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard, and Fabio Aurelio were among the scorers, showcasing Liverpool’s attacking prowess.

Another unforgettable moment etched in the annals of this rivalry took place on January 19, 2020. Liverpool, en route to their Premier League title, faced Manchester United at Anfield. In a closely contested match, Liverpool secured a 2-0 victory with goals from Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah. The win propelled Liverpool further toward their long-awaited league triumph.

However, the history of Liverpool vs. Manchester United clashes is not merely defined by one-sided affairs. On September 11, 2010, Manchester United staged a remarkable comeback at Old Trafford. Trailing 2-0 at halftime, United rallied to win 3-2, with Dimitar Berbatov scoring a hat-trick. The game showcased the resilience and fighting spirit synonymous with the Red Devils.

Rewinding further, the 2007 fixture at Anfield stands out as a classic. Liverpool emerged victorious in a thrilling 2-1 win, with Fernando Torres scoring a last-minute goal. The atmosphere at Anfield was electric, emphasizing the emotional intensity that defines these encounters.

Anticipation for the Future Clash

As we look forward to the upcoming Liverpool vs. Manchester United clash, the dynamics of both teams add an extra layer of intrigue. Liverpool, under the management of Jürgen Klopp, has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, clinching domestic and international honors. Meanwhile, Manchester United, led by Erik ten Hag, continues its quest to reclaim past glory.

The clash promises tactical battles, moments of brilliance, and the potential for new chapters to be written in the storied history of this rivalry. Key players like Mohamed Salah, Bruno Fernandes and Virgil van Dijk are expected to play pivotal roles, adding star power to an already electric fixture.