Expekt Bookmaker review 2017

Expekt is one of the newer sports books on the block, founded in 1999, and compared to some of the more established brands, it doesn’t necessarily measure up.
The company is relatively small, but it still offers live streams odds of Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A, the Europa League, ATP tennis and both the Australian Open and Wimbledon. However, the live stream can be affected by where you live.
Due to the company’s small stature in the sports gaming industry, there is a chance that bettors new and old have not heard of the company. Perhaps the biggest reason for Expekt’s lowly status is the fact that it targets mainland Europe. Therefore, few people in the United Kingdom know much about the sports book.
Another area that hurts Expekt is the range and variety of sports bettors can wager on. Of course, the big ones are there like football, basketball, rugby union and even MMA. But some punters that want more will find the website is too restrictive in what it offers in 2017.
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Expekt Bookmaker review

Great Features

Expekt offers in-play betting on live sports, but some experts and long-time punters feel it does not stack up well against the more established, larger websites.
Of course, odds are updated regularly, but compared to the top bookmakers, the statistics shown are minimal. The interface is also lacking on the Expekt website.
By no means is Expekt a bad sports book, but when you have the options to bet with Bet365 or William Hill, the choice is rather easy.

Great Offers

There are not a lot of promotions going on with the Expekt website and there does not seem like much to entice new players to register. Yes, you can win some bonus, but you must make some bets first. Also, you can get a refund if your first mobile bet loses. But, why can’t we just get some cash for signing up? It seems we have to part with money before we ever see any kind of bonus. Even then the offers are minimal at best. There isn’t even a new customer bonus, which is pretty poor.


Expekt does not have the variety other online bookmakers do. However, if you only want to bet on one or two sports, you will like the small number of markets available here. But if you want a lot to choose from, head over to Bet365.


Expekt offers sports streaming for a small number of events including Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A. However, these may be limited to your location, and some bettors in certain regions may not be able to view the games. In addition, there is no horse racing stream available.

Final Verdict

Expekt is very limited compared to other sports books. Sure, you can bet on football and some other top sports, but the in-play feature and streaming sports could be much better. Add in the poor – or no – bonuses and Expekt falls behind the other sports books even more.
When compared against Bet365, William Hill and the other large betting firms, Expekt just cannot match up. If you are looking for something simple and easy to use, it is a good website. But if you are looking for more it is worth trying one of the big boys.
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