How to tipsters bet on World Cup 2018 winner

In theis article we will look into how tipster bet on winner of World Cup 2018. And the short version is that there are almost as many stratagies as there ar tipsters 🙂

Let’s look at som facts first before we start to place our bets!

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How to bet on World Cup 2018 winner

There is only one thing that you must make sure here. Whatever team you bet at make sure you bet where you get the best possible odds for that team.

Let’s say you made you homework and decided Germany have 20% chance to win the World Cup. That means if you get anything over 5.00 in odds you will make a good bet. But why stop with that? You want to win as much as possible. Right?

If you have an account at Unibet and they offer you 5.50 for Germany as winner. That is a good bet. Yes!

But if you are looking into a odds comparison service and see that there are other (trusted and secure) bookies that offer you a better odds. Let’s say you get 5,75 from Coolbet. So let’s say we were looking int a bet in the 100 euro size. There is a big difference if you win 550 euro or 575 euro.

What team will win World Cup 2018

So what team do you think will win. It is very likely that one of the best team will win. Brazil, Germany, Spain or France will most likely win. Argentina have a small chance but we think their defence is not good enough. Belgium and England are outsiders but both of them will face better teams in the end of the tournament.

So waht do we think. Well we geve the top teams these chances to win:
Germany 20%
Brazil 19%
Spain 16%
France 14%

Good luck with all your bets on World Cup 2018!

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